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Exceptional Window Cleaning

Tired of looking through dirty windows at your home or office? Worried about your family’s respiratory health during allergy season and dusty summers? Allow the fully qualified and expertly trained team from PCH Services to put those worries to ease.

– All glass is cleaned inside & out
– All screens are thoroughly cleaned with a water solution
– All tracks are vacuumed, wiped, sprayed & lubricated by hand
– All window frames & sills are wiped down by hand

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Heated Pressure Washing

We remove those unsightly black stains on the side of your house from excessive water
run-off. We remove cobwebs and debris from overhangs, wash all of the dirt and dust
buildup on sidings and stucco, and remove the black/green algae from concrete patios,
walkways, roof tiles and driveways.

State-Of-The-Art Solar Panel Cleaning

We remove all the layers of accumulated dust and salt sludge from the surface of your
solar panels. We use a full de-ionized water-fed brush cleaning system, which cleans
both the panels and their frames, and we perform a full visual inspection of all of the
exposed hardware on your solar system. While on the roof, we also do a walk-around
and inspect for broken tiles. After cleaning, customers receive up to 30% more solar
intake on their panels.

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Gutter Cleaning

Are you growing a mystery garden in your gutters? One that attracts unwanted
mosquitos? We can remove all of the leafy, dirty debris from your gutter alleys while
making minor adjustments to their pitch to improve water flow. We will flush out all of
your downspouts and will reinforce and remount any gutters that are hanging off of the

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